www.smartdrivingschool.chWe are committed to offering the best, most effective drivers training course you will ever experience. Whether you are looking to obtain your driver’s licence, reduce the cost of tuition, or improve your driving skills, Smart Driving School is the right choice for you. Try us, and you will find out why we are the best!

From beginners to brush-up lessons, our instructor’s goal is to personalize lessons for all types of individuals. They make learning interesting and fun to keep you focused. Need to pass the driving licence exam? , Need to improve on your driving skills? You are in the right place. We will help evaluate your needs, and meet your goals. Our certified instructors give you the support and tips you need to succeed, for a long life of safe driving.

SMART driving school specializing in driver education and training in Switzerland. By using a coaching methodology and internationally recognized techniques students will develop confidence, critical decision making skills, and accept personal responsibility. The learner driver will become a better decision maker long after graduation.

We have the most expert and experienced driving coaches in the industry.

Our vehicles used for driving lessons and road tests are dual controlled, insured and are the latest models. Learning how to drive properly and safely will be one of the most important things that you do. Don’t skimp! Learn from professionals; learn from the best! Learn from Smart Driving School!


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