Speeder gets 20 month Swiss prison sentence

Speeder gets 20 month Swiss prison sentence

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A 20 year old Italian was sentenced last week for a speeding offense committed in December 2015. Caught driving at 107 km/h in a 50 km/h zone, in the center of the town of Rothrist in Switzerland, he was handed a 20 month prison term.

The man who had lost both his car and license, because of the speeding incident, was later caught driving another car, The mechanic was caught driving without his license in front of his workplace, despite a ban by this employer.

Trying to atone before the judge he said “It was bullshit”. However his plea for leniency was ignored. The judge sentenced him to a 20 month suspended prison sentence with a 4 year probation period.

He is no longer able to drive and his car will be sold to cover the court costs.

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